Celebrating Electronic Devices Through the Ages

 With a $6 yearly NEARC membership, members will receive the club newsletter online thru the internet containing color photos and articles about vintage radios and electronics. All table rentals and membership are made online from the club website here:JOIN NOW and are paid with PayPal or any credit card accepted by PayPal.com.  No checks or paper forms are accepted.  

  Club memberships are valid for the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.) only and are not prorated, even if paid for in the middle of the year.

About US

  Originally founded in June of 1988 as the New England Antique Radio Club (NEARC), Now known as the New England Vintage Electronics Club (NEVEC). Both dedicated to the preservation, collection, restoration and enjoyment of antique and collectible radios, televisions, vintage electronics, and related hardware items (HiFi receivers, Ham, test equipment, electronic components, cabinets, speakers, etc.) as well as related printed matter ( magazines, user's manuals, advertising, textbooks, etc.) and radio/television broadcasting memorabilia.


 We have Yahoo and Facebook groups open to all club members as well as three swap meets and a quarterly club newsletter each year. Information about joining our Yahoo discussion group can be found on the yahoo group. More info about the club can be found on Facebook.


Our Constitution

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Our Swap Meets

  What is a New England Antique Radio Club swap meet? Its an antique radio flea market, an old radio sales event, a vintage collectible electronics hobby get-together, .... A great occasion to see, handle, talk about and buy old electronics! Direct face-to-face discussions with individual dealers for getting questions answered, buying that old radio you remember from high school, and sometimes even swapping something with a dealer.

  A swap meet purchase means no boxing & packaging hassles. No shipping & insurance charges. No waiting for any UPS or FedEx deliveries. No "damaged in transit" surprises. You simply take your purchases right out to your own car/van/SUV. A swap meet is good old-fashioned "cash and carry" shopping. (Note: Individual dealers may or may not accept personal checks and/or credit-debit cards; plain old cash always works best!)

What sort of "goodies" have been found at past New England Antique Radio Club swap meets?

    * Advertising Displays

    * Advice and Conversation

    * AM Radios

    * Amateur Radio Equipment

    * AM-FM Radios

    * AM-SW Radios

    * Amplifiers (Audio, FM, TV)

    * Analog Television Receivers

    * Antique Radios

    * Audio Amplifiers

    * Audio Equipment

    * Basic Radio Repair Books

    * Boomboxes

    * Boosters

    * Capacitors

    * Catalin Radios

    * Cathedral Radios

    * Chairside Radios

    * Clock Radios

    * Collectible Radios

    * Collector's Guides for Old Radios

    * Communications Receivers

    * Console Radios

    * Conversation and Advice

    * Converters

    * Crystal Radios

    * Early Radios

    * Early TVs

    * Electronic Parts

    * Enigma Cipher Machine  

    * Fiction Books with Radio Stories

    * Free Stuff Table

    * Floor Model Radios

    * FM Radios

    * Ham Radio Equipment

    * Headphones

    * Hi-Fi Components

    * High Fidelity Equipment

    * Homemade Radios

    * Introductory Training Courses in Radio

    * Junk Radios

    * Knobs for Radios, TVs, etc.

    * Manuals

    * Metal Radios

    * Meters

    * Military radios

    * Multimeters

    * NOS Tubes

    * Novelty Radios

    * Old Audio Equipment

    * Old Radios

    * Old Television sets

    * Old Test Equipment

    * Oscilloscopes

    * Parts Radios

    * Phonographs

    * Phonograph Records

    * Plastic Radios

    * Portable Radios

    * Portable Television Sets

    * Preamps

    * Radio Books

    * Radio Chassis

    * Radio Literature

    * Radio Magazines

    * Radio Repair Books

    * Radio Repair Parts

    * Radio Service Manuals

    * Radio Tubes

    * Receivers

    * Receiving Tubes

    * Record Players

    * Reference Books for Radio & Electronics

    * Resistors

    * Restorable Radios

    * RF Generators

    * Rider's Troubleshooter's Manuals

    * SAMS PhotoFacts Folders and Binders

    * Schematics

    * Shortwave Radios

    * Signal Generators

    * Signal Tracers

    * Solid State Amps

    * Speakers

    * Superheterodyne Radios

    * Tabletop Radios

    * Tape Decks

    * Tape Recorders

    * Technical Books

    * Television Sets

    * Test Equipment

    * Tombstone Radios

    * Tools for Electronics, Radio, TV, etc.

    * Training Courses in Radio-Electronics

    * Transceivers

    * Transformers

    * Transistor Radios

    * TRF Radios

    * Troubleshooting Information

    * Tube Amplifiers

    * Tube Radios

    * Tuners

    * Turntables

    * TV Signal Boosters

    * UHF Converters for Old TVs

    * Used Parts for Radios, TVs, etc.

    * Used Tubes

    * Users Manuals

    * Vacuum Tubes

    * Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

    * Vacuum Tube Radios

    * VHF Boosters for Old TVs

    * Vintage Radios

    * VOMs

    * VTVMs

    * Wood Radios

    * Xtal Sets


  We can not promise all of these things can be found at every swap meet. Each swap meet is unique and has a different mix of interesting old electronics-related items for sale. Our dealers are very ingenious at finding a wide variety of old and not-so-old electronics to sell at their tables. We never know for sure exactly what will appear at any swap meet. Surprises often happen. It's always worth a visit just to see what our dealers have on their tables.

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